device or file checksum command
This command allows you to generate a checksum from any of three options.

1. Device checksum - This option calculates the checksum of the device installed in the programming unit socket.

2. File Segment Checksum - This option calculates the checksum over a portion of a file loaded into the system buffer. The portion of the file over which the checksum is calculated is determined by the position of a device in a series. Example: Assume you have four sequential 2764 eproms. You wish to confirm that the checksum of the third eprom matches the checksum of the portion of a file to which it corresponds. With the file loaded into the buffer, you use the command to specify device position 3. The system will automatically calculate and display the checksum over the correct portion of the file. You may then verify the file segment checksum against the eprom.

3. Total File Checksum - This option calculates the checksum over the entire range of the file which is currently in the system buffer.