This command gives you direct access to any options which are specific to the device. A device option is a feature of the part which requires a special operation to examine, set, or modify. The options change depending upon the part you have selected. The command always provides you with a separate display of functions from which to choose. Note: Not all devices have options. Listed below are three examples of how the device options command is used.

Example 1: You are a locksmith working with a TB28F400 flash memory device from a Volvo ECU. The part must be erased before you can program the updated file. The "ERASE FLASH DEVICE" operation is accessed via the device options command.

Example 2: You are working with an airbag module with a 95160 eeprom. You clear the crash data but the part will not program correctly. Use the Z command to access the device STATUS REGISTER and disable the BLOCK PROTECT BITS..

Example 3: If you are working with a 28C64B eeprom, you may manually enable or disable the write protect (lock) function