Replacement and Optional Parts
AR-32A Power Pack
Part#XFMR32 - $35.00
12 Volt 1 Amp AC power pack
(US Domestic)

AR-32A power pack
AR-32A Connecting cable
- $39.00
Replacement cable with 24 pin header and DB-25 male connector (36 inch). (connects programming unit to host computer)

AR-32A connecting cable
Part#CBL12DC - $39.00
The CBL12DC allows the AR-32A programming unit to be powered from a standard 12 VOLT DC vehicle accessory connector. The cable includes a fused plug assembly with replacable fuse which is inserted into the vehicle for power. The opposite cable end is terminated with the standard AR-32A compatible plug.
12 VOLT DC power cable for AR-32A
AccuTouch Probe Replacement Pins
- $29.00
Replacement pins for the AccuTouch Probe. The package contains four (QTY 4) gold plated pins for the AccuTouch Probe. NOTE: The pins are friction fit and easily replaced.
AR-32A connecting cable