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EPROM programmer software with Bootable CD or USB stickThe EPROM+ programming system is a full featured, easy-to-use, yet economical solution to most EPROM/EEPROM and device programming requirements. The system, with its portable programming unit and bootable software (CD or user created USB stick), serves a wide variety of programming needs for both product support and development. Unlike many of todays products, the EPROM+ system is time proven. Where other products have been discontinued or abandoned, the EPROM+ system, from its inception, was designed for extremely long service life (read customer comment). The programming unit and software are compatible with any host machine with an X86 processor. This includes the latest multi-core processors or an aging legacy platform. Simply connect, boot and go. Since the system works with or without Windows, there is no need to worry about versions or service packs, and you never need to search for drivers. The programming system is always ready to go on any available machine. Designed with careful consideration for the needs of a variety of users, the EPROM+ system is equally at home in a field service environment or on a technicians bench. This means that whether you are a novice who is just beginning to work with memory (eprom/eeprom) parts or a professional who requires a rich set of engineering features, the EPROM+ is designed to accomodate your needs. A novice or non-technical user will find a straight forward, easy-to-use group of software commands. Operations such as "copy device" or "save device to disk file" makes the system a favorite of businesses and service shops which do not need the complexity of an expensive laboratory unit. If viewing and editing the contents of a device is necessary, the user will appreciate the powerful editor which provides a virtual tool-kit of bit, byte and word manipulation commands.
Portable convenience, organized storage plus outstanding performance
On your bench the system conveniently serves as a dedicated programming instrument. For field service or when not in use, the power-pack and connecting cable store neatly inside the case. This makes the EPROM+ ideal for service engineers and technicans who must maintain equipment in the field. Unlike a typical "flat box" programming unit, the rugged case latches shut protecting the device socket from damage and contamination. It also provides convenient storage for system accessories plus any disks and devices you may need. The complete EPROM+ weighs just 3 pounds and provides a truly portable environment for field service professionals.
The EPROM+ is fast! Designed for maximum speed, the system will program most standard eproms in less than 10 seconds. Even high capacity devices such as 4, 8, 16 and 32 meg parts program in a very short time.
Broad device support spans four decades (Late 1970's to current technology)
The basic system, unlike other products, offers a broad historical range of device support. Beginning with parts from the late 1970's, the instrument supports all standard memory devices from the first generation EPROMs (like the 2708 and TMS2716) through the latest high density 16 and 32 meg parts plus all FLASH, EEPROM, PEROM and NVRAMs. The "+" in EPROM+ means the system is not limited to only EPROMs. You may add support for additional technology families such as microcontrollers, bipolar proms and more with optional "snap-in" adapters. The system supports all standard packages including 8 pin through 42 pin DIP plus PLCC, TSOP and SOIC surface mount devices.
8 pin serial eeprom8 pin serial eeprom in DIP package24 pin eprom28 pin eprom32 pin eprom40 pin eprom42 pin eprom32 pin eprom in PLCC packageeprom in TSOP packageflash eprom in 44 pin SOIC package
The EPROM+ - A cost effective solution
An important design goal in creating the EPROM+ was to provide a standard system which addresses most common programmable device needs. Our experience indicates that most people who work with programmable devices are working with memory chips, and do not need to program thousands of different parts. They are primarily interested in the parts used in the equipment they design, maintain, service or repair. They are looking for a system which will allow them to support all standard parts, but not limit them should their needs change. As the name implies, the EPROM+ is not limited to only memory devices. The system is fully capable of supporting additional technology families such as microcontrollers, bipolar proms and more by using "snap in" adapters. By utilizing adapters, you only purchase support for the parts you use. If your needs change in the future, you need only purchase an adapter for your existing programming instrument, not an entirely new programmer. With the EPROM+ approach you match the programming package to your needs; you do not pay for device support you will never use and your programming unit does not become obsolete.
PIC1216 adapter with PIC microcontrollersA875X, Canon Copy Machine adapter plus 8751 adapter and 48 pin TSOP flash eprom adapter32 pin PLCC package adapters with PLCC parts