Clips, Probes and Connection Options
Andromeda Research offers a comprehensive set of clips and probes which allow you to connect to both serial eeproms, serial SPI flash roms and microcontrollers in-circuit. A primary goal of our products is to allow you to work with both serial memory parts and microcontrollers without removal from the circuit assembly. In-circuit (not removed from the board) support provides the easiest and most rapid connection option with the lowest chance of over heating the part or accidentally dislodging nearby surface mount components. Each connection option, whether a clip, probe, probe set or cable, terminates with a standard plug. The plug mates directly with Andromeda Research optional adapters or our standard terminator board. The terminator board also allows Andromeda Research connection options to be used with third party equipment by providing a common 8 pin base. To further enhance ease of use, all cables and probes conform to the EIA color code where wire colors brown through gray correspond to the numbers 1 through 8.
surface mount clip, DIP clip, surface mount probe set, precision probe set, AccuTouch Probe
AccuTouch Probe - Part#ATPB1 - $139.00
The AccuTouch probe provides a quick-connect option for 8 pin (SOIC) surface mount serial eeproms. Unlike a clip, the probe is held in place while reading or programming a part. Each probe pin tip (replaceable) incorporates a 4 point crown design which offers good sealant penetration plus a wide connection footprint. An alignment notch allows accurate positioning of the probe over the chip package. Once in place, you press straight down until the notch ends touch the circuit board with the pins contacting the leads. A red mark on the end of the notch marks pin #1.
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AccuTouch Probe
The surface mount chip clip is the most common connection option for 8 pin surface mounted eeproms, flash eproms and nvrams. The clip uses a spring loaded clamp design for the clip body with brass connection fingers. To properly attach the clip the clip jaws are fully opened and placed over the chip. When the jaws are released and aligned properly, the clip will clutch the chip body and remain in place. NOTE: The chip pins must be clean to insure a positive electrical contact. (View/Add terminator board)
surface mount chip clip
DIP CLIP - Part#ADIP8 - $79.00
The ADIP8 clip/cable assembly is designed to attach 8 pin parts fabricated in a dual in-line through hole package to compatible Andromeda Research adapters or the standard terminator board. The clip body is fabricated from a high-strength nylon composite and incorporates brass connection fingers to insure a positive electrical connection to the part. When properly installed the clip will self orient and properly align to the part pins.
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DIP clip
The surface mount probe set is used to connect to both 8 pin serial memory parts and microcontrollers. The probes are designed to connect to standard surface mount (SOIC) devices but can also be connected to a DIP eeprom. A probe is attached to the device pin by pressing on the back of the probe body until the pincher jaws extend. Place the extended jaws around the desired pin and release. The pinchers will retract and pull the pin against the probe tip which holds the probe in place. (View/Add terminator board)
surface mount probe set
Part#SMCP8 - $149.00
The SMCP8 combination package allows you to save by purchasing two popular connection options in one bundle. The SMCP8 includes the ASOIC8 chip clip, the SMP8 probe set plus a terminator board.
combination probe set and chip clip
The Precision Probe Set is specifically designed to connect to extremely small (TSSOP, MSOP or QFP), super fine lead pitch surface mount parts. The PPS8 probes are designed with teflon coated surgical steel sleeves which can be attached to pins side by side without shorting. The physical probe size is close to that of a sewing needle, the steel probe sleeve guarantees long service life. The PPS8 includes 8 color coded probes, the cable plus a protective storage case.
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Precision Probe Set
Part#PBCP1 - $29.00
The PBCP1 allows any standard clip/probe/cable assembly to terminate with an 8 pin DIP programmer socket or 8 pin ACOM strip connector.
Terminator board top viewTerminator board installed in ACOM adapter

Part#CBL8/T - $29.00
The CBL8/T is a standard color coded cable with slide-on connectors at the non-plug end. (Terminator board not included)
8 conductor cable terminated with individual connectors
Part#CBL8 - $19.00
The CBL8 is a standard color coded cable with unterminated (bare wires) at the non-plug end. (Terminator board not included)
unterminated 8 conductor cable
Part#CON2DIP - $29.00
The CON2DIP INTERFACE allows you to connect any Andromeda clip, probe set, probe, cable or ASOIC8S to a standard 8 pin DIP IC base. This interface uses flat pins (like a real IC) which will not distort or damage an IC socket. This allows the interface base to be inserted into the DIP socket on most third party programmer adapter boards where parts are soldered.
8 pin DIP IC socket interface
Part#CON2DMAX - $39.00
The CON2DMAX INTERFACE is designed to connect the DMAX SKIM CODE READER to the AccuTouch Probe. The AccuTouch Probe provides a simple, fast connection option when compared to the standard blue surface mount clip. The CON2DMAX INTERFACE may also be used with any of the connection options on this page.
9 pin male D-TYPE interface
LC46 CUSTOM CLIP W/CABLE - Part#ALC46 - $69.00
The LC46 custom clip with interface cable adds support for non-standard (rotated pin out) 8 pin SOIC serial eeproms. Support for these parts is accomplished using a special cable which matches the proper pins on the device to correct pins on the ASERSM1A or ASEREE2 adapter. Full reading/programming of the LC46 part is supported. (View/Add terminator board)
LC46 eeprom custom clip with cable
35080 CUSTOM CLIP W/CABLE - Part#A35080 - $69.00
The A35080 custom clip with interface cable adds support for the non-standard 35050 8 pin SOIC serial eeprom. Support for this part is accomplished using a special cable which matches the proper pins on the device to correct pins on the ASERSM1A or ASEREE2 adapter. Reading and programming of the 35080 is supported as per chip design. (View/Add terminator board)
35080 custom clip with cable