Reconditioned Panasonic Toughbook Computers
Beginning in 1994, Panasonic introduced the CF-41 which was the first Toughbook computer. Recognizing that there was a need for a notebook class computer designed specifically for use in harsh environments, The engineers at Panasonic designed a series of extremely rugged, yet fully functional PC compatible machines. These rugged machines operate reliably where a business class machine would not prove suitable, and would easily be damaged. Toughbook machines have become the preferred computer for the military, law enforcement plus many industrial and field service applications. Unlike a typical notebook, Toughbooks are housed in a magnesium case with a waterproof keyboard and touchpad. All ports and connections are protected by hinged covers. A Toughbook does not have a fan which means there are no bearings to fail and no openings for dust and dirt. Heat from the processor and electronics use the case as a heatsink. Gasketing seals the junctions where case parts meet and the case itself is held together by screws; no plastic snaps. Due to their reputation for ruggedness and reliability, Panasonic Toughbooks offer an excellent computing platform for use with Andromeda Research products.
Many customers have requested that Andromeda Research offer complete turn-key packages which not only includes the programming kit, but also a suitable host machine. To address these requests, Andromeda Research offers the Toughbook model CF-29: A full size notebook (Model CF-29) Each machine is fully tested and reconditioned (see below). The operating system installed on these machines is Windows 7 Ultimate which is integrated with the original factory drivers to insure functionality with specific machine peripherals. Both the original USER and REFERENCE manuals are provided in PDF format plus a PDF reader is preinstalled. This allows you to become familiar with the full capabilities of the machine. We also install the latest edition of our software so the machine is ready-to-go out of the box. A charger is included and the battery will hold a charge. Each machine is covered by a 90 day repair/replacement warranty (battery excluded).
NOTEBOOK - Part#TBCF-29 - $379.00


PROCESSOR: Pentium M - 1.4GHZ or greater (1.6GHZ max.)
MEMORY: 1+ GB RAM (User upgradable)
HARD DRIVE: 40GB MIN - 80GB MAX (User upgradable)
OPTICAL DRIVE: OPTIONAL or use external USB CD/DVD drive
NOTE: Some machines will be equipped with an LED backlit keyboard
CF-29 toughbook
Add an optical drive to the CF-29 notebook. This drive is specifically designed to fit into the media bay of the Panasonic CF-29. With the drive installed, the Toughbook supports reading and burning of CD-RW disks plus reading of DVDs. The drive is inserted into the media bay until the latch engages. The drive is ejected using a slide on the bottom of the case.
How We Recondition a Toughbook
Andromeda Research acquires Toughbook computers primarily from public and private auctions. As these machines have been exposed to various operating conditions and environments, our goal is to restored the product to a state both in function and appearance which is as close to original as is possible. The following steps describe the procedure:
STEP 1 - The machine is attached to a power source (charger) and powered on to confirm functionality or the basic subsystems (ports, keyboard, touchpad and screen). Any issues which are found are noted on an attached tag. If the machine is missing any components or assemblies (disk drive, battery, etc.) they are added and the computer is retested. After the retest the tag is updated to reflect the machine parameters including CPU speed, RAM and hard drive capacity.
STEP 2 - Upon confirmation that the computer hardware is functional the original factory operating software is installed including the operating and reference manuals. Once the operating system is installed the wireless subsystem is tested for proper operation with a wireless LAN.
STEP 3 - The machine is now physically cleaned with the lid closed. The top, front, sides, rear panel and bottom are scrubbed using a disinfecting cleaner and stiff brush to remove dirt and stains. Any stickers or sticker residue is removed. The computer is then opened. The keyboard and touchpad are sprayed with a disinfecting cleaner and scrubbed with a smaller brush. The screen is cleaned with a less agressive cleaner and wiped with a soft cloth. Any excess cleaner is toweled off and the computer is allowed to dry. At this time any nicks or scratches are painted (black or silver). Conditioner is applied to any plastic or rubber parts to retore a "like new" appearance. This includes the case top protective bumpers, port covers, keyboard keys and touchpad trim.
STEP 4 - The computer then undergoes another visual inspection followed by a power on and boot test. If proper functionality is observed the machine is powered for 12 hours to allow the battery to charge and then removed from power to confirm proper battery operation.
With final tests complete, the machine is placed into inventory.
BEFORE SHIPMENT - The latest Andromeda Research software is installed and operation with a programming unit is confirmed.